• Monitoring System of Phone Carriers

    Walk through of my monitoring system (SiTH) that calls 30+ carriers (inbound and outbound calls) and...

    Monitoring System of Phone Carriers
  • Automate Real World Latency Tests

    Building an Automation Framework to test real world latency on web pages, using Netem, Ruby, Watir a...

    Automate Real World Latency Tests
  • Automating Sip Audio Verification

    Analyzing Audio from VOIP Call

    Automating Sip Audio Verification
  • Grails & Cucumber for API Testing

    Testing API’s with Grails and Cucumber

    Grails & Cucumber for API Testing

WEBRTC Audio Quality Automation with PESQ

I was following the blog over at the Google teams blog, specifically this post: http://googletesting.blogspot.com/2013/11/webrtc-audio-quality-testing.html I had a need of automating WEBRTC where I work, along with RTMFP (An Adobe Flash audio solutio...

Grails Project Walkthrough – Inventory Management System – Pt 5

Contents Intro + Building Grails App + Domain Adding the Grid + Form + Image Upload Registration + ACL’s + Filter Data for User + Securing User Data + Updating Image Uploads to User Dir Edit and Delete on Posts + eMail Setting Up MySQL with Gra...

Automation to Validate Video Streams

This is something different, at least for me. I wanted to build a prototype framework that made use of Sikuli with Ruby… which turned into a JRuby + Sikuli + Cucumber + Webdriver framework.  One idea I had was to make automation tests that could validate spots in a  video stream to verify that the video is Playing back Playing in sync with th...