• Monitoring System of Phone Carriers

    Walk through of my monitoring system (SiTH) that calls 30+ carriers (inbound and outbound calls) and...

    Monitoring System of Phone Carriers
  • Automate Real World Latency Tests

    Building an Automation Framework to test real world latency on web pages, using Netem, Ruby, Watir a...

    Automate Real World Latency Tests
  • Automating Sip Audio Verification

    Analyzing Audio from VOIP Call

    Automating Sip Audio Verification
  • Grails & Cucumber for API Testing

    Testing API’s with Grails and Cucumber

    Grails & Cucumber for API Testing

WEBRTC Audio Quality Automation with PESQ

I was following the blog over at the Google teams blog, specifically this post: http://googletesting.blogspot.com/2013/11/webrtc-audio-quality-testing.html I had a need of automating WEBRTC where I work, along with RTMFP (An Adobe Flash audio solutio...

Upgrading Grails SDK in Intellij

This was pretty frustrating.  Considering how often Grails is updated, you would think Intellij would make this process easy.  I found the process to be pretty buggy.  In the future, it would make more sense for me to use gvm and reference the curren...

Automation to Validate Video Streams

This is something different, at least for me. I wanted to build a prototype framework that made use of Sikuli with Ruby… which turned into a JRuby + Sikuli + Cucumber + Webdriver framework.  One idea I had was to make automation tests that could validate spots in a  video stream to verify that the video is Playing back Playing in sync with th...