• Building a Web Automation Framework < 20...

    This walkthrough gets you to a working web automation framework in under 20min.

    Building a Web Automation Framework < 20 min
  • Python

    Programming with Python

  • Audio Quality Isolation for Testing

    Testing audio quality in isolation – for browser based audio quality validation.

    Audio Quality Isolation for Testing
  • Automate Real World Latency Tests

    Building an Automation Framework to test real world latency on web pages, using Netem, Ruby, Watir a...

    Automate Real World Latency Tests
  • Pentesting

    Validating security through pentesting.


Python Pcap Parsing (Listening to Audio from a SIP call)

In testing voice audio of phone calls, I had previously used some bash scripting.   As the test was making automated phone calls via SIP/VOIP, I would record a pcap off the interface traffic.  The script would then read the pcap and parse out the aud...

Hacking Biofeedback Machines with Python

Overview This walk-through will make use of Python and Wireshark to sniff data packets out of a commercial product with bio sensors (heart rate and GSR.)  We will pull data from an iOM device that has no public endpoints and a closed API.  We will ma...

Automated Audio Detection

There aren’t a lot of libraries to accomplish this task of validating audio playback.  I saw this question on Stack Overflow and my solution was to provide a script that uses sox for the audio detection. Test Browser Based Phone Audio Presence With web phone calls, you have two major protocols: WebRTC and RTMFP.  The later is flash based.   U...