• Building a Web Automation Framework < 20...

    This walkthrough gets you to a working web automation framework in under 20min.

    Building a Web Automation Framework < 20 min
  • Python

    Programming with Python

  • Audio Quality Isolation for Testing

    Testing audio quality in isolation – for browser based audio quality validation.

    Audio Quality Isolation for Testing
  • Automate Real World Latency Tests

    Building an Automation Framework to test real world latency on web pages, using Netem, Ruby, Watir a...

    Automate Real World Latency Tests
  • Pentesting

    Validating security through pentesting.


Python Pcap Parsing (Listening to Audio from a SIP call)

In testing voice audio of phone calls, I had previously used some bash scripting.   As the test was making automated phone calls via SIP/VOIP, I would record a pcap off the interface traffic.  The script would then read the pcap and parse out the aud...

Installing Nokogiri on OSX

This is such a pain to install on OSX.  Due to Xcode or some other nonsense, OSX has a real hard time getting the required lib’s to get Nokogiri installed… you can try and follow the directions on the Nokogiri main site but it won’t...

Automated Audio Detection

There aren’t a lot of libraries to accomplish this task of validating audio playback.  I saw this question on Stack Overflow and my solution was to provide a script that uses sox for the audio detection. Test Browser Based Phone Audio Presence With web phone calls, you have two major protocols: WebRTC and RTMFP.  The later is flash based.   U...