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QA Using BDD

December 31, 2012 Admin 0

I’ve been getting a lot of response in a post I wrote regarding BDD and automation for QA solutions. Several QA people have written me, […]

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Found the Problem

July 29, 2011 Admin 0

At 10am we were down to 2 failures. In looking at one of the acceptance tests I found the problem, by running it locally. It […]

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9 Failures

July 18, 2011 Admin 0

This morning I came in to work and checked in with Jenkins Continuous Integration/Deployment results. We had 9 failures reported in Jenkins. I pulled in […]

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First Acceptance Test!

March 4, 2011 Admin 0

Pretty excited. I put together my first acceptance test today. One problem we’re running into is the lack of ID’s on elements. We don’t want […]

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Eclipse… grr….

February 25, 2011 Admin 0

This was a hair pulling weekend. I got pretty pissed off with Eclipse. it somewhat balanced with my initial Java application success in the last […]