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Python & Selenium

July 29, 2014 Admin 0

Step 1: Install Selenium libraries with Python.  If you are using Python3, then you would use: pip3 install selenium If using Pre-Python3: pip install selenium […]

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Lettuce vs Cucumber

July 15, 2014 Admin 1

Lettuce and Cucumber For those that don’t know, Lettuce and Cucumber are different frameworks that utilize BDD (behavior driven development.)  BDD is a form of […]

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Math Captcha Mitigation

June 11, 2014 Admin 0

In working with Screen automation, I realized that I could OCR match captcha’s and use simple logic to assign a ReGex pattern and get a […]

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Audio Isolation for Testing Audio

May 23, 2014 Admin 0

Related posts: As part of testing is putting elements in isolation, this approach can be used in the previous posts I made about […]

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Web Automation Open Source Choices

May 7, 2014 Admin 0

Without considering language, web automation has a variety of choices available that are open source. Groovy/Grails: GEB – Watij – Java: Selenium/Webdriver Watij – Ruby/Rails: […]