YouTube will probably ban my account… here’s why

Who I Am For those just finding this YouTube post, you might wonder who I am.  I’ve been in the QA industry with regards to software companies for the past 14 years.  I’m a blogger who tries to give back to the Tech community in the form of online help, video tutorials and blogs pertaining to subjects about tech topics: Software QA Development (front end, back end) Security What’... »

Angular2 @Input Examples

In taking Vasco’s Udemy Course on Angular2 & Firebase, I worked through a tutorial project of pulling in data from a Firebase database.  The lessons were rendered to the view like so: <table class="table lessons-list card card-strong"> <tbody> <tr *ngFor="let lesson of lessons"> <td class="lesson-title">{{lesson?.description}}</td> <td class="duration">... »

Calling Length on Object Arrays in Angular2

I came across an oddity with Angular2 development.  I had a case where I was pulling data into my application.  The data came in as a list of objects.  I wanted to get a count on these objects returned and I wanted to display that count into a view. Normally in a language like Ruby, Groovy or Python you would use a variation of a method like length.  Sure enough, there was such a method available ... »

Typescript REPL

I came across this the other day, while I was reading “ng-Book 2” from  They introduced a REPL module for Typescript.  It’s called tsun.  It works just like a REPL in Ruby or Python.  It provides an interactive shell, where you can test out code and see instant results to your commands.  This is a great way to test out ideas or code concepts. To install tsun, you mu... »

Disassembly: Tricking an Application

*Note: This post is for education purposes only.* I’m always eager to learn new things.  I came across a really amazing resource online: SecurityTube.  Within their trove of great videos is a series on the GNU disassembler (gdb). Those 14 videos are really detailed and fascinating.  By the end of it I was wanting to do a write up and show a bit of what I learned. The Basics If you’re u... »

Grails Hell: Transaction Issues, not persisting updates and saves

I’ve had a great run with Grails.  It allows me to create some quick tools, with a web interface.  However, I recently had a bought with Grails that left me pretty pissed off. Let it be known that I’m not a Grails dev with lots of experience.  I’m an SDET/Tools dev/QA guy.  The idea of transactions wasn’t something I was well read on.  In the past I’ve had Grails serv... »

Prototyping with Node.js

My use of the word prototype, is not the function, but rather the concept.  One of my IT mentors taught me that prototyping an application is extremely useful. That is to say, to quickly create a functioning application in some scripting language.  Then, if the app’s logic is sound, one can transition it to a different language if needed. Node.js In my current situation, I had a tool I wrote... »

MongoDB: OSX Installation

Brew Install The easiest way I found to install MongoDb on OSX was with Brew: brew update brew install mongodb To verify installation open a new terminal window and type: mongod You should see a bunch of database info scroll by.  If you don’t, make sure you opened a new terminal window when you ran that command. Setting Up Mongo as a Daemon I followed these instructions with great success: h... »

Java: Infection Simulator

Awhile back I wrote a vampire infection sim in Python, as well as Groovy and Ruby.  Below is a simplified version written in Java. Concept The idea behind this simulator is to take a population of people and a virus infection.  To simplify the calculation we will generate stats on the strength of an individual human (member of the population) and the strength of the virus (viruencly.) The sim will... »

Screen Automation for Online Trading

Introduction What is Screen Automation? Screen automation is a class of automated tasks based on visual changes on a screen.  Unlike traditional API based automation, here you are not sending commands to a backend API, but rather using a library to detect visual cues on screen (image or text/ocr) and then take decisions based on those queues. Why not use an API? An API would be the far better way ... »

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