My Projects

August 23, 2017 Admin 0

My Projects The following are a collection of my github repos, web applications, and tools. Github Repos Public Applications – a prototype tool […]

Angular2 @Input Examples

November 26, 2016 Admin 0

In taking Vasco’s Udemy Course on Angular2 & Firebase, I worked through a tutorial project of pulling in data from a Firebase database.  The lessons […]

Typescript REPL

November 23, 2016 Admin 0

I came across this the other day, while I was reading “ng-Book 2” from  They introduced a REPL module for Typescript.  It’s called tsun. […]

Prototyping with Node.js

March 20, 2015 Admin 0

My use of the word prototype, is not the function, but rather the concept.  One of my IT mentors taught me that prototyping an application […]

MongoDB: OSX Installation

March 19, 2015 Admin 0

Brew Install The easiest way I found to install MongoDb on OSX was with Brew: brew update brew install mongodb To verify installation open a […]

Java: Infection Simulator

February 19, 2015 Admin 0

Awhile back I wrote a vampire infection sim in Python, as well as Groovy and Ruby.  Below is a simplified version written in Java. Concept […]