Statically Typing Better Performance?

I’ve heard this quite a bit about dynamically typed languages (like Python, Ruby, Groovy, etc.) It actually makes a lot of sense.  If the compiler doesn’t have to discover/lookup what something is, it should be faster, right? Python / Cython Check out this article on Python and Cython: Just by statically defining the variables/params... »

Automated Audio Detection

There aren’t a lot of libraries to accomplish this task of validating audio playback.  I saw this question on Stack Overflow and my solution was to provide a script that uses sox for the audio detection. Test Browser Based Phone Audio Presence With web phone calls, you have two major protocols: WebRTC and RTMFP.  The later is flash based.   Usually WebRTC is the choice decision – but i... »

Groovy & Selenium

I’m not a fan of the GEB browser automation framework for Groovy.  In fact I prefer to use just straight selenium with Groovy. Getting up and going with Selenium in Groovy should be pretty easy. If you’re using Intellij here’s what you would do: Download the Selenium standalone server jar  & the Selenium Java jar Create a new Groovy project in Intellij In the new Intellij Gro... »

OSX: Geolocating Laptop History based on SSID

Concept The concept for this came from the book Violent Python: A Cookbook for Hackers, Forensic Analysts, Penetration Testers and Security Engineers .  The python solution was pretty complex and his approach was Windows specific.  In my case I wanted to run the OSX variant command to get my SSID history.  I got the string to do so, and used RegEX I found online to pull out the BSSID (mac address)... »

Building a Port Scanner in Groovy, Python & Ruby

My scripts are hard coded to localhost. If you scan a remote host, make sure you have permission to scan it (i.e. your test environment, your client who requests some security testing, etc) and consider any legal issues in your region. I’m language agnostic.  I love the Watir framework in Ruby for web automation (due to the community behind it), and I love Groovy/Grails for the web developme... »

Updating MD5 Tool To use SHA 256/512 Hash

Back in the previous post on making a tool to find MD5 hash values… we were limited to just MD5 hash types.  To add more support for testing, I added support for more hash types (SHA-256 and SHA-512), by doing the following: Controllers The functions in the AddToDictionaryController: def submitToDictionary(){ def newWord = params.newWord def digest = MessageDigest.getInstance... »

Tool: MD5 dictionary seed and MD5 Hash Lookup

Tool: MD5 dictionary seed and MD5 Hash Lookup

Update: I added more functionality to this tool (adding SHA-256 and SHA-512)… see the specifics here: Concept Hash Lookup and Seeding: I put together a tool in Grails that provides a user interface to seed a database with plain text words and their MD5 (not salted) hash. The tool has a secondary component that allows a user to input a ... »

Dynamic Columns in Groovy & Grails

I have this project at work – it’s a monitoring tool I built in Grails.  It’s a web application that runs a series of tests every hour. The results are stored in a database and there’s a UI layer that reports the results. Recently our Director of Dev/Ops at work wanted to put my UI on a 60″ TV in the Tech team area.  This way people would have a monitor to see live ev... »

WEBRTC Audio Quality Automation with PESQ

I was following the blog over at the Google teams blog, specifically this post: I had a need of automating WEBRTC where I work, along with RTMFP (An Adobe Flash audio solution.)  What was desired was a automation framework that would create a baseline score from which we could continuously validate the audio quality.  Anyt... »

Leaving the Selenium IDE Crutches

When we started the pilot, I would write tests in Selenium IDE (just recording actions) then convert those scripts to Groovy and pass them to the developers. These developers would then write out the actual tests. The Architect has made a request today: He wants QA to start writing the acceptance tests. I’m a bit nervous – this is entirely new to me. New ground… but, damnit iR... »

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