WEBRTC Audio Quality Automation with PESQ

I was following the blog over at the Google teams blog, specifically this post: I had a need of automating WEBRTC where I work, along with RTMFP (An Adobe Flash audio solution.)  What was desired was a automation framework that would create a baseline score from which we could continuously validate the audio quality.  Anyt... »

Project: Making a SIP GUI test harness with Grails and SIPP – Part III

Project: Making a SIP GUI test harness with Grails and SIPP – Part III

Part I, discussed this project and walked through setting up SIPP scenarios and Grails (making a basic Grails project.) Part II, discussed adding in a Service Layer to do the SIPP call and added some call validation. Now What? So now what? Well you can add on to your test harness. You can add other domain classes, controllers and services as needed. For example, what if you wanted to have a differ... »

Project: Making a SIP GUI test harness with Grails and SIPP – Part II

In Part I, we set up SIPP, SIPP Scenarios and created a Grails application with a controller and a domain class. What we’ll start with in Part II is the creation of a service. But first… what is a service? A service is a piece of functionality that coordinates logic with the Domain layer.  We’ll use a service to run the all the logic that’s needed for the application.  By s... »

SIPP & Jenkins Details

Per request, I’m adding some detail on the use of Jenkins and how I configured it to run the jobs and retain the details. Why Jenkins? First, why did I use Jenkins? Several reasons: Jenkins is a build process, so by having the tests in Jenkins, I can kick off tests when a different job finishes building… i.e. developers push a new version of call control, and that starts the tests runn... »

Buidling Automatic Graphs of SIPp SIP data

I finally got some automated SIPp results to look like this: The screenshot above is my Jenkins install.  Each time I run this sip test of 2,000 calls it updates the graph there dynamically. Here’s how I did it. I create a “Free Style” jenkins job.In that job, I basically create a call to run a shell script.  The script is the SIPP call.  It has all the parameters for hitting my ... »

SIP Testing Basics

This is a walk through on what it took to get a single SIP load test generated, using SIPP.  Getting the first one was hard, so I wanted to document these steps in case it helps anyone else, and for future reference. Tools There’s not a lot of SIP load tools out there.  For SIP load, there’s really one standard that keeps coming up in discussions: SIPP.  SIPP, which is at: http://sipp.... »

SIPP and Jenkins

Flow I start with the Dashboard having a project which first sets up the data for the test: The JMeter set up is pretty straight forward… it’s the parent project and the Working directory is set ot the JMeter installation folder. The Shell script is set to  kick off the JMeter script that seeds the data for the test.  Afterwards it kicks off the downstream project, which runs the load.... »

Automating SIP Testing with SIPp, FreeSwitch and Cucumber

SIP testing is pretty new to me.  In fact, 3 months ago, I didn’t know what SIP was and I knew little of VOIP.  Today, I work at a company who’s business is phone routing, virtual PBX, fax routing, VOIP, SIP, etc. While I was able to set up the Front End web app automation, the development leads wanted me to also start building out a framework to test the SIP calls and the PBX software... »