Ruby Performance Testing with Watir

A reader of mine asked me how they should go about performance testing some front end performance.  This is a good question, because tools such as JMeter are pretty good at getting performance metrics for load – but you must keep in mind that JMeter isn’t a browser and doesn’t always find front end performance issues. For example, if a user had a AJAX call on a web page, and they... »

Selenium Server (Grid) with Watir & Cucumber

This subject is a repeat request I’ve had from various YouTube and website visitors.  I’m often asked how to set up Selenium Grid to work with Watir and Cucumber. The process is really rather simple, it just takes a bit of getting used to. Audience This is an advanced subject in web automation – mainly requiring the reader/viewer to have an understanding of: Web Automation Watir-... »

Web Automation with CSV Imports

I had a real life request at work the other day.  My boss had a goal of migrating some phone numbers to different POPs.  In fact he had a large list – 4,000+ numbers.  The carrier in question only had a web interface for this task (no API) and the web interface would only take one number at a time.  The carrier’s website was slow, taking about 10 seconds for time to find a number in th... »

Selenium Server Setup

Why Selenium Server (aka Grid)? If one were to run their tests back to back it would take some time to deliver the final result of all tests.  Say you had 100 browser automation tests.  Let’s further say that each test takes on average 2min to complete.  Back to back that’s 200min.  That’s about 3.3 hours to complete your automated testing. However, if you farmed your 100 tests a... »

Student Request: How to validate a store locator’s distance?

A student of mine really impressed me with a recent question.  I had tasked him with automating the front end of a music retailer website.  My student, Exuar, showed me some of the UI automation.  But he asked me about something he was trying to figure out. The music retailer site had a “store locator” option.  He would automate the UI to pass in a zip code, but he wanted to verify tha... »

Automation to Validate Video Streams

This is something different, at least for me. I wanted to build a prototype framework that made use of Sikuli with Ruby… which turned into a JRuby + Sikuli + Cucumber + Webdriver framework.  One idea I had was to make automation tests that could validate spots in a  video stream to verify that the video is Playing back Playing in sync with the time stamp Showing a clean image (no distortion)... »

Video: Build a Web Automation Framework in under 20 min

In under 20min you can actually have a web automation framework built and running a simple test.  I did a screencast video of this, and put it up on Youtube: I realize my voice isn’t the greatest, but hey, we all have our faults.   »

Selenium Grid with Watir and Cucumber Browser Automation

Selenium Grid with Watir and Cucumber Browser Automation

I love using Watir-webdriver to automate and validate browser elements. When I got into a realm of having hundreds of automated browser tests synchronous tests would take too long.  In some cases it would take upwards of an hour.  At my previous job, we had 700 tests that 8 hours to finish. However, with Selenium Grid we can parallel test. Cucumber makes this really easy to set up by introducing f... »

Web Scraper with Browser Support

Web Scraper with Browser Support

I had a need at my job to test micro sites that are being spun up.  These sites have hundreds of pages with hundreds of links between them. I’ve written a few different styles of scrapers.  Some grab links to images, to verify each image is loading, other scripts load browsers and hit each url to verify it loads… and uses watir to make custom validation on fields (i.e. did a specific d... »

Watir does support all element tags

In my last post, I commented on how brittle the Watir example was in the Watir documentation.  But I since found that Watir does support all the normal ID’s and element Class’… here’s a list of some of it’s capabilties:http://wiki.openqa.org/display/WTR/Ways+Available+To+Identify+HTML+Element »

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