YouTube will probably ban my account… here’s why

Who I Am For those just finding this YouTube post, you might wonder who I am.  I’ve been in the QA industry with regards to software companies for the past 14 years.  I’m a blogger who tries to give back to the Tech community in the form of online help, video tutorials and blogs pertaining to subjects about tech topics: Software QA Development (front end, back end) Security What’... »


Angular2 @Input Examples

In taking Vasco’s Udemy Course on Angular2 & Firebase, I worked through a tutorial project of pulling in data from a Firebase database.  The lessons were rendered to the view like so: <table class="table lessons-list card card-strong"> <tbody> <tr *ngFor="let lesson of lessons"> <td class="lesson-title">{{lesson?.description}}</td> <td class="duration">... »

Calling Length on Object Arrays in Angular2

I came across an oddity with Angular2 development.  I had a case where I was pulling data into my application.  The data came in as a list of objects.  I wanted to get a count on these objects returned and I wanted to display that count into a view. Normally in a language like Ruby, Groovy or Python you would use a variation of a method like length.  Sure enough, there was such a method available ... »

Typescript REPL

I came across this the other day, while I was reading “ng-Book 2” from  They introduced a REPL module for Typescript.  It’s called tsun.  It works just like a REPL in Ruby or Python.  It provides an interactive shell, where you can test out code and see instant results to your commands.  This is a great way to test out ideas or code concepts. To install tsun, you mu... »

Disassembly: Tricking an Application

*Note: This post is for education purposes only.* I’m always eager to learn new things.  I came across a really amazing resource online: SecurityTube.  Within their trove of great videos is a series on the GNU disassembler (gdb). Those 14 videos are really detailed and fascinating.  By the end of it I was wanting to do a write up and show a bit of what I learned. The Basics If you’re u... »

Grails Hell: Transaction Issues, not persisting updates and saves

I’ve had a great run with Grails.  It allows me to create some quick tools, with a web interface.  However, I recently had a bought with Grails that left me pretty pissed off. Let it be known that I’m not a Grails dev with lots of experience.  I’m an SDET/Tools dev/QA guy.  The idea of transactions wasn’t something I was well read on.  In the past I’ve had Grails serv... »

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