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Why Donate?

Running this site is quite financially exhaustive.  There are monthly hosting fee’s, domain costs, as well as my own equipment costs. There are also fee’s incurred for simply getting my own training. In 2015, I spent a considerable amount of my own money with security training.  Much of that knowledge I pass on to my readers and viewers.

What About Advertising?

My original goal was to create a site that allowed me to give back to the community that helped me so greatly.  This site, and others that I have produced, offers many tutorials covering a wide variety of topics.

As it’s difficult for me to ask for money, I thought advertising might help cover the costs I take on for owning and operating my technology sites and YouTube channels.  Sadly, the reality of my narrow niche has proven to be quite far from lucrative. Over the past few years, I average a yearly advertising revenue of less than $80-$90 a year (that’s an aggregate across all my sites and YouTube channels.)  As you might imagine this doesn’t even cover the hosting costs, let alone video production, time and effort.

Free Tutorials

All the tutorials here are free and I have spent time with individuals to help them with automation and security testing.  I take questions and put in effort to reproduce problems and provide solutions to my readers.  Rather than create a “pay per tutorial” type of service, I have tried to keep the content open and free.

However, as times goes on I am finding it more challenging to keep the YouTube content and the site updated.  If you feel you’ve learned something from the site and are willing to give back, feel free to Donate by clicking the link below: