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Selenium Grid with Watir and Cucumber Browser Automation

Selenium Grid with Watir and Cucumber Browser Automation

I love using Watir-webdriver to automate and validate browser elements. When I got into a realm of having hundreds of automated browser tests synchronous tests would take too long.  In some cases it would take upwards of an hour.  At my previous job, we had 700 tests that 8 hours to finish. However, with Selenium Grid we can parallel test. Cucumber makes this really easy to set up by introducing f... »

SIPP & Jenkins Details

Per request, I’m adding some detail on the use of Jenkins and how I configured it to run the jobs and retain the details. Why Jenkins? First, why did I use Jenkins? Several reasons: Jenkins is a build process, so by having the tests in Jenkins, I can kick off tests when a different job finishes building… i.e. developers push a new version of call control, and that starts the tests runn... »

Jenkins: Error opening terminal: unknown.

I do a lot of shell scripts called from Jenkins.  Most of the time, I am logged in as a specific user.  In one case, I was logged in as me, to do a sudo command.  I got this error in the response: Error opening terminal: unknown.   To fix it, I found a site online: The fix for me was to edit my user’s .bashrc file and add:export TERM=xterm Af... »

Buidling Automatic Graphs of SIPp SIP data

I finally got some automated SIPp results to look like this: The screenshot above is my Jenkins install.  Each time I run this sip test of 2,000 calls it updates the graph there dynamically. Here’s how I did it. I create a “Free Style” jenkins job.In that job, I basically create a call to run a shell script.  The script is the SIPP call.  It has all the parameters for hitting my ... »

Jenkins running shell scripts as sudo

I was getting this error: sudo: sorry, you must have a tty to run sudo To get Jenkins to run scripts that require sudo access, I had to do the following in the sudoer’s file: 1. Fist in /etc running visudo I had to update the user Jenkins sudo’s as to [user] (ALL)= NOPASSWD:ALL2. Second I had to turn off the requiretty.  You can do t his per user, or global. In Jenkins I added the SSH ... »

Jenkins and Cucumber Reports

I’ve provided details on this set up, but here’s a visual walk through: My Web Automation Jenkins looks like this the image below.  Each job listed (Announcements, Call Forwarding, etc.) is a specific feature file that Cucumber will run – so each entry runs a multitude of tests.  Each Test is sent to a Selenium Grid hub and is farmed to run on one of several VM’s.  This sim... »

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