SIP Automation

Python Pcap Parsing (Listening to Audio from a SIP call)

In testing voice audio of phone calls, I had previously used some bash scripting.   As the test was making automated phone calls via SIP/VOIP, I would record a pcap off the interface traffic.  The script would then read the pcap and parse out the audio (RTP) to a file, which could then be tested for quality. It worked, but it was a Bash script that I was calling from another language.  I wanted to... »

WEBRTC Audio Quality Automation with PESQ

I was following the blog over at the Google teams blog, specifically this post: I had a need of automating WEBRTC where I work, along with RTMFP (An Adobe Flash audio solution.)  What was desired was a automation framework that would create a baseline score from which we could continuously validate the audio quality.  Anyt... »

RTMFP Audio Quality Automation

The goal here was to test WebRTC and Flash’s RTMFP technology, getting an indicator for audio quality on each run.  The test suite would have to incorporate latency into the tests, where the latency can be set up before the test is run, and torn down when the test is over. Core Concepts I followed the core concepts over at: »

Project: Making a SIP GUI test harness with Grails and SIPP – Part III

Project: Making a SIP GUI test harness with Grails and SIPP – Part III

Part I, discussed this project and walked through setting up SIPP scenarios and Grails (making a basic Grails project.) Part II, discussed adding in a Service Layer to do the SIPP call and added some call validation. Now What? So now what? Well you can add on to your test harness. You can add other domain classes, controllers and services as needed. For example, what if you wanted to have a differ... »

Project: Making a SIP GUI test harness with Grails and SIPP – Part II

In Part I, we set up SIPP, SIPP Scenarios and created a Grails application with a controller and a domain class. What we’ll start with in Part II is the creation of a service. But first… what is a service? A service is a piece of functionality that coordinates logic with the Domain layer.  We’ll use a service to run the all the logic that’s needed for the application.  By s... »

SIPP Simultaneous Jobs

The question came up today, about tshark… specifically if tshark/wireshark is smart enough to know which SIPP call is being captured in the media. By default, no.  However, you can get around this to run simultaneous jobs if you design your architecture to make use of Virtual Machines.  In my case, I have 5 Virtual Machines.  Each one runs a set of SIPP tests on a hourly schedule.  If the SI... »

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