qa & Testing

Aspects of manual QA testing, from basics to penetration tests.

Writing code to test code.

Data insights to Visualizations. 


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About me

Continuously learning new skills, I enjoy finding solutions to new challenges

I’ve been invested in my continuous learning process. I’ve been involved in the Quality Assurance spectrum of software development since 2004.  Beyond QA, I’ve also picked up Data Visualization and development skills. Throughout the site, you’ll find articles on different languages, automation systems, and data science.  

Some of my passions

I love to learn.  Picking up skills from co-workers & online schools I’ve gone through the gamut of various technology stacks.  

QA Practices

White / Grey / Black box testing and test planning.


Python, Golang, Groovy, Javascript and R are some of the languages I utilize.


Anything can be automated. I’ve written automation for both closed and open projects.

Tools Dev.

One of my interesting tools is a call quality tool which tests phone call quality, reporting results to a web ui.

Data Science

Using AI and Machine Learning, descriptive stats to the visualisation tools of Tableau.

I’m a big fan of Machine Learning, including the art of generative music. Check out my albums on Spotify

Continuous Learning

The Secret of Success

I never stop learning.  I love my job.  Where I work I’m given so many opportunities to do more, learn more and be more.  From automating phone call quality, to simple web and mobile automation, I’ve even built video quality tests.  


Groovy/Grails, JavaScript, Python, R


Descriptive and Inferential.  Machine Learning basics with Python


Tableau, as well as GUI based web app development using Grails


Creation of audio files, automating phone audio quality scores

Not just technology…

The Secret of Success

A learning lifestyle isn’t just about the day job.  I’ve also put myself into personal projects, learning how to create music, studying philosophy, 3D renders/objects and much more.  


The art of reasoning, and philosophical concepts of life

Researching business, manufacturing and management systems (

3D Illustration

3D design using tools like Blender, Flowscape, and Vue

Using generative tools like Orb Composer and mastering audio with Ableton Live

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My music on Spotify…

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