So I’ve been on the Pilot Program to achieve a foothold into the continuous integration/deployment realm.

We have an architect leading our work. His name is Josh. Josh has worked with Thoughtworks and has some interesting ideas.

Our main goal is to get a framework of acceptance tests that extend out as we create new features in this team.

As we get a new project, we will create the tickets with a format of: Given, When, Then. All projects are consumer driven.

These tickets with the Given, When, Then breakdown are then translated into acceptance tests.

The acceptance test framework is this built with each new feature or enhancement.

An example is this:
Feature ABC:
As a user, I want to see XXXXXXXX when I enter my XXXXXXXX.

Given a logged in user

When they enter XXXXXXXXX

Then they will see XXXXXXXXX.

This is how the ticket would be formatted.

From that, the dev’s are writing acceptance tests in Groovy – using Spock – to keep the same framework.

It’s been decided that we’ll be using Groovy and Spock for the Acceptance Tests.


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