In Python you can do the typical way of opening/writing to a file by calling it with: my_var = open(“my […]
In Python you create a class with: class Like: class MyCalculator(object): Member variables are variables defined within a class.  For […]
After getting a ping from a friend of mine, I updated my web scrapper and modified it a bit to […]
I played with my Python port scanner I wrote awhile back.  Rather then just having the script as it was, I wanted […]
There is a serious misunderstanding with a lot of people who are not doing web automation day to day.  Every […]
Step 1: Install Selenium libraries with Python.  If you are using Python3, then you would use: pip3 install selenium If […]
Code Exercise The point of this exercise, was to pass in a string and remove all vowels (except for Y.) […]
Code Exercise Years ago I used to say if I was given a palindrome test for Ruby, I’d just write: […]
In Python you can suppress a new line in a print statement, by simply adding a comma.   phrase = […]
Over at the, this was my python solution for their exercise on a random number game: from random import […]

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Recently I came to an issue of needing to wait for an element to load. Selenium does have a WebdriverWait […]
# This sample code uses the Appium python client # pip install Appium-Python-Client # Then you can paste this into […]
Appium is an automated test harness for both Android and iOS devices. It runs as a standalone server that takes […]