Everything is an object

One thing I really love about the Ruby/Cucumber framework, is that everything is an object. I’m allowed to do something like this: divlength = @browser.div(:id=>”divValue”).wait_until_present(5).length I can chain actions/methods to each other real easily… again like@browser.div(:id=>”search-results-container”).wait_until_present(5).click This is really cool when trying to click a “a” tag in a div Continue Reading

Data and File testing

I put up a few small tests to cover data validation within a file.  I’ll be building off this project in Github with examples:https://github.com/wbwarnerb/ts/tree/master/features So far I’ve just got a few tests.  The first is a test that verifies Data Files have been delivered and just makes sure they exist.  Continue Reading