Jez Humble

Jez Humble was at our offices today, giving a talk on Continuous Integration… unfortunately I missed it – due to working on some issues with our Acceptance Tests, and filling in while my Manager is out with some other work. Ah well, maybe next time! Jez Humble runs: also Continue Reading

Bye Green, Hello Red

5 new failures in the same trunk that was green yesterday. Having an issue with the old “element not found in cache.” Googling it, I came up with: Comment 3 by leo.lath…, Jun 25, 2011 This happens for me a lot. I suppose that my page is too dynamic and Continue Reading


Our tests are green again. Jenkins – reports that the latest trunk build has no Acceptance Test failures. That’s awesome. We do have some skipped tests – that’s the next thing we’re tackling… how to reduce these non-deterministic errors.

Debug Mode

My friend and fellow teammate – Trung – has been spending time with me to help me understand how to debug failing tests and code. He showed me how to put break points in Eclipse and then to run the test in debug mode. When it hits the breakpoint, the Continue Reading


Victor and I set up forking logic to support HTMLUnit and FF. That way we’ll have the ability to call a headless client test or a Firefox browser in the acceptance test run.