A student of mine really impressed me with a recent question.  I had tasked him with automating the front end […]
Related posts: https://sdet.us/rtmfp-audio-quality-automation/ https://sdet.us/webrtc-audio-quality-automation-with-pesq/) As part of testing is putting elements in isolation, this approach can be used in the […]
Without considering language, web automation has a variety of choices available that are open source. Groovy/Grails: GEB – http://www.gebish.org Watij – http://watij.com […]
Update: If you’re going to need a scheduler, forget ‘Whenever’ and go with Rufus. Details below in Red… It’s been […]
This is something different, at least for me. I wanted to build a prototype framework that made use of Sikuli […]
I was following the blog over at the Google teams blog, specifically this post: http://googletesting.blogspot.com/2013/11/webrtc-audio-quality-testing.html I had a need of […]
The goal here was to test WebRTC and Flash’s RTMFP technology, getting an indicator for audio quality on each run.  […]
In under 20min you can actually have a web automation framework built and running a simple test.  I did a […]
I had a need at my job to test micro sites that are being spun up.  These sites have hundreds […]
I don’t vent very often… but I think this deserves a good vent. HTTPBuilder is a tool that Groovy/Grails can […]

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I recently looked at the Web Automation framework, Webdriver IO, in 2021 and compared it to what I currently use. […]
Many years ago, when I first started with web automation, I used a Ruby web framework called Watir. A lot […]
Recently I came to an issue of needing to wait for an element to load. Selenium does have a WebdriverWait […]
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