While doing some research on Python, I came across a Stack Overflow question. It was about private fields and methods […]
When to use static or instance methods? One rule is to identify if the class uses fields or other instance […]
Find Find looks for a file within specified directories.  It can search multiple directories simultaneously. Ex: find /Users/bwarner ./sample /var/log […]
Within the Java paradigm there is an idea of Getters and Setters.  The idea behind this is encapsulation… that is, […]
In Java there is an order to how operators are evaluated. * (multiplication), / (division) and % (modulo) are evaluated […]
The data hierarchy of java (from smallest to largest) is: Bits (or binary), which are values of 0 or 1. […]
Java:Basics – Interfaces Like Python, Ruby and other languages, Java is big on inheritance. One can define functionality in a […]
Java Basics In Java when statically typing a variable as a char, you have to use single quotes, as opposed […]
Awhile back I wrote a vampire infection sim in Python, as well as Groovy and Ruby.  Below is a simplified […]
A fencepost error is where a condition erroneously is off by one number.  This can be due to a variety […]

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Many years ago, when I first started with web automation, I used a Ruby web framework called Watir. A lot […]
Recently I came to an issue of needing to wait for an element to load. Selenium does have a WebdriverWait […]
# This sample code uses the Appium python client # pip install Appium-Python-Client # Then you can paste this into […]