Tableau has a built-in Forecasting feature that attempts to predict future values based on data patterns.
Let’s say you have some data on a company that shows their revenue and marketing spend.  You might want to […]
Using a data file from NUFORC, I constructed a data map of UFO sightings within the United States.  Dots are […]
In the avenue of data visualization, I took some data provided by the City of Detroit, to map out 911 […]
Similar to the last post of mine on Python and data analysis, I was so inspired by the material […]
Below is a script I put together. Some of the code is put together by me, and some is from […]

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Many years ago, when I first started with web automation, I used a Ruby web framework called Watir. A lot […]
Recently I came to an issue of needing to wait for an element to load. Selenium does have a WebdriverWait […]
# This sample code uses the Appium python client # pip install Appium-Python-Client # Then you can paste this into […]