I don’t know why I always kinda felt weird writing code in Groovy. Having avoided Java development for years, I […]
Recently I was creating a Grails 3 app that was designed to parse errors in an external application (logged to […]
My scripts are hard coded to localhost. If you scan a remote host, make sure you have permission to scan […]
I have this project at work – it’s a monitoring tool I built in Grails.  It’s a web application that […]
I was following the blog over at the Google teams blog, specifically this post: http://googletesting.blogspot.com/2013/11/webrtc-audio-quality-testing.html I had a need of […]

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Web automation often has areas of flakiness. Sometimes a site is so dynamic that tests just end up executing too […]
The Reason Behind my own Framework I used to utilize a pre-made framework for web automation. I thought at the […]
Starting some new training (this time in the UX realm) with Interaction-Design.org!