In my previous articles on the usefulness of Java FX: And on the horrid deployment of Java FX 11: I […]
I can’t yet review prior versions of JavaFX. I’ve only worked with version 11. In my previous post, I discussed […]
Update: After spending far too much time trying to get JavaFX 11 working with IntelliJ, as well as jlink, osx […]
My initial venture in writing code started in 2010 with the Groovy scripting language. From there I went into a […]
In studying Java development, the Has–A and Is–A relationships came up in the coursework. Is-A relationships are forms of inheritance. […]
When to use static or instance methods? One rule is to identify if the class uses fields or other instance […]
All Object Oriented languages I’ve worked with, have a concept of Inheritance. A debatable issue in this regards might be […]
Another in the Java Basics category, this article goes over a simple use of initializing data in a class via […]
Notes from I hadn’t run into this issue in other languages, but in Java, it turns out that if I […]
Within the Java paradigm there is an idea of Getters and Setters.  The idea behind this is encapsulation… that is, […]

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Web automation often has areas of flakiness. Sometimes a site is so dynamic that tests just end up executing too […]
The Reason Behind my own Framework I used to utilize a pre-made framework for web automation. I thought at the […]
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