Very interesting Data Analysis on Twitter A Data Scientist (@conspirator0) did some deep dives on data investigation of patterns in […]
Purpose The purpose of this task is to set up a home network that allows the testing of software security […]
Another module in the Python standard library, is that of Mechanize.  Mechanize is a Python headless browser.  With Mechanize you […]
I’ve done extensive work with link validation in websites, using a mix of Ruby / Anemone (spidering library) and Watir […]
Some notes taken from Vivek Ramachandran’s course on Penetration Testing with Python Network Packets Packets are layered in encapsulated data […]
While some compiled software applications are vulnerable to attack vectors like Buffer Overflow attacks, websites usually don’t fall prey to […]
When you take a course on security, probably one of the more fascinating topics is getting a shell on a […]
From RedHat’s Security Guide, you can simply use a quick nmap usage of: nmap -sT -O On a BSD […]
In taking Vivek Ramachandran’s course on Python for Pentesting, in lecture 13 he deals with the subject of processes.  Personally […]
At the Pentester Academy I took a course called Pentesting with Python.  It’s a great course… if you have an […]

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I recently looked at the Web Automation framework, Webdriver IO, in 2021 and compared it to what I currently use. […]
Many years ago, when I first started with web automation, I used a Ruby web framework called Watir. A lot […]
Recently I came to an issue of needing to wait for an element to load. Selenium does have a WebdriverWait […]
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