So what’s the difference between Tuples and Lists? This always confused me. But after reading it made a lot […]
A multi-dimensional array is an array of arrays.  For example: x = [[“a”,”b”,”c”],[“d”,”e”,”f”],[“g”,”h”,”i”]] If you wanted to list all the […]
Basics This is a bit on the basics of grabbing user input from a console, using Ruby, Python and Groovy. […]
In Python you can do the typical way of opening/writing to a file by calling it with: my_var = open(“my […]
In Python you can suppress a new line in a print statement, by simply adding a comma.   phrase = […]
Over at the, this was my python solution for their exercise on a random number game: from random import […]
pop() remove() del Those are three ways to remove an item from a list in Python. pop() If you had […]
From the student exercises on …. There was this exercise: The exercise was simple… update Lloyd’s homework, quizzes and […]
In Python, if you have a dictionary (Groovy calls it a map) like the stock dictionary defined below… you can […]

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I have been using LambdaTest to leverage their vast emulator base on mobile devices with my automation suite. My automation […]
I’ve become a big fan of LambdaTest recently. As I use Golem as my internal test framework, it was a […]
I recently looked at the Web Automation framework, Webdriver IO, in 2021 and compared it to what I currently use. […]