In testing voice audio of phone calls, I had previously used some bash scripting.   As the test was making automated […]
Code Exercise The point of this exercise, was to pass in a string and remove all vowels (except for Y.) […]
Over at the, this was my python solution for their exercise on a random number game: from random import […]
pop() remove() del Those are three ways to remove an item from a list in Python. pop() If you had […]
From the student exercises on …. There was this exercise: The exercise was simple… update Lloyd’s homework, quizzes and […]
In Python, if you have a dictionary (Groovy calls it a map) like the stock dictionary defined below… you can […]
NASA has a really cool website: The website allows you to access large data sets and connect to virtual lab’s […]
My scripts are hard coded to localhost. If you scan a remote host, make sure you have permission to scan […]

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Nothing is worse then finishing hours of work setting up dozens of tests, getting them to work in Chromium based […]
I have been using LambdaTest to leverage their vast emulator base on mobile devices with my automation suite. My automation […]
I’ve become a big fan of LambdaTest recently. As I use Golem as my internal test framework, it was a […]