Have you ever installed a package in R and noticed a conflict issued? I for one didn’t understand the output […]
I you use R and find that certain programs refuse to install (using install.packages) it’s no doubt that you’re using […]
While a one liner to convert categorical values to numerics is mentioned in a previous post, this post will cover […]
When using a dataset, sometimes I want to convert a column of two values (such as Gender) to numerical values […]
In taking the Udemy course on Data Analysis with R by Sandeep Kumar, I took one of his tests. It’s […]
NASA has a really cool website: https://nex.nasa.gov/nex/static/htdocs/site/extra/opennex/ The website allows you to access large data sets and connect to virtual lab’s […]
Much like my other basic post on functions… R has it’s own use of functions. In R, you assign a […]
Much like other languages, R has a set of control structures.  Namely: If / else (if a condition is met, […]
R Basics R History R is derived from S that came from Bell Labs.  S was written over Fortran.  S […]
What is R R is a functional language used to work with statistics and large data sets.  R is used […]

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Web automation often has areas of flakiness. Sometimes a site is so dynamic that tests just end up executing too […]
The Reason Behind my own Framework I used to utilize a pre-made framework for web automation. I thought at the […]
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