If you’re like me, you’ve come to a point where you’re considering homeschooling due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Regardless of […]
You’ve probably seen the hype reviews… like TNW’s. Even Marques Brownlee has been on Twitter pitching the camera as a 40MP […]
Recently, I was looking at both Mathematica and Matlab to fill a need I had.  I was looking for a […]
Could9 (c9.io) is a Cloud based IDE that offers more features than some other Cloud based IDE solutions currently out […]
CodeAnywhere Detailed Review CodeAnywhere is a cloud based IDE solution, that offers customers a place to develop directly into a […]
I’ve been recently looking into upgrading my camera.  I had a Sony NEX-5N and was pleased with it as a […]
Recently I paid for two coins on eBay via a live auction. The auctioneer was through: Carroll’s Auctioneers & Appraisers 1060 […]
This site is mostly about code and programming.  Recently however, I tried a service that I just felt the need […]
Phone Camera Reviews… Grrr This is a gripe of mine… I’m looking to upgrade my old Samsung Galaxy S3.  I […]

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I recently looked at the Web Automation framework, Webdriver IO, in 2021 and compared it to what I currently use. […]
Many years ago, when I first started with web automation, I used a Ruby web framework called Watir. A lot […]
Recently I came to an issue of needing to wait for an element to load. Selenium does have a WebdriverWait […]
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