Watir does support all element tags

In my last post, I commented on how brittle the Watir example was in the Watir documentation.  But I since found that Watir does support all the normal ID’s and element Class’… here’s a list of some of it’s capabilties:http://wiki.openqa.org/display/WTR/Ways+Available+To+Identify+HTML+Element

Watir: simple automation sample that’s far too brittle

Once Watir is installed, along with Ruby and the Ruby DevKit (instructions for which are at www.watir.com), I was able to write out the following after reading their basic manual: require “watir-webdriver”browser = Watir::Browser.new :ffbrowser.goto “google.com”browser.link(:text => “Images”).clickbrowser.text_field(:name => “q”).set “plane”browser.button(:value => “Search by image”).click I saved it to a Continue Reading

Watir and Ruby

I started QA / Web automation in a language called Groovy.  I found it very difficult to pick up.  The people who suggested it as a useful language felt it was easy for newcomers to pick up.  The problem with Groovy is: The training resources are written for Java developers.  Continue Reading