Ethical Hacking

This is a different type of post.  It’s more akin to my other blog on philosophy.  I do want this posted here though, to reflect my view on Ethics and Technology. Recently I was asked, “what is ethical hacking?”  While I’m no expert on hacking, I know a lot about Continue Reading

Soundsflower icon dissapears

On occasion the soundflowerbed application will not load.  Soundflower is still running and configured through the audio channels but the icon doesn’t appear.  You can bring it back by doing the following: ~/Library/Preferences/com.cycling74.Soundflowerbed.plist ~/Library/Preferences/com.cycling74.Soundflowerbed.plist.lockfile

Litecoin Setup

If you want to use a litecoin miner, you can follow the directions over at: However, the current version of CGMiner is up to 3.10.0, and that version no longer supports “scrypts” as well as litecoin mining. You have to grab the 3.7 version of cgminer if you want Continue Reading

API Scraper written in Scala

I redid the Ruby script I made, in Scala.  This is the scala version… it seems to work better with less duplicate data: import scala.util.parsing.json._object Parser {  def main(args:Array[String]){    for (i       }    }  }} It works like this…. it’s pretty simple.  I’m using the scala.util.parsing.json library to parse some Continue Reading