At 10am we were down to 2 failures.

In looking at one of the acceptance tests I found the problem, by running it locally.

It failed when FF went through the same flow but then got a new overlay on one of the pages. Here’s the deal… our acceptance tests are in two frameworks:
a) homegrown groovy/spock framework
b) GEB framework

We’re actively trying to convert all acceptance tests to GEB. However, this has left older tests not yet converted in the lurch. In this case, the code we needed to bypass the new overlay, wasn’t in the test.

Our decision was to convert the test to the new GEB framework.

So the developer on my sprint team: Vijay – he migrated the test over to GEB. I sat down with him and went through the flow of converting the test. It was pretty cool. Seems so much easier when a developer does it.

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