Note: Only utilize a port scanner on sites you have permission to test. Also, note the legalities of port scanners in your territories.

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Go Project

As I’m learning the Go language, I thought I’d work on a small project of making a utility I wrote in Python, in the Go language.  In this case, I chose a port scanner I wrote in Python.  The scanner tries to interrogate ports and return any banner that would indicate what’s installed there.

The original code I wrote in Python utilized the socket and sys libraries.  I wrote it while taking an InfoSec course over at Offensive Security.  Anyway… years later, I’m thinking of a project to try and do in Go (just go kick the tires and get used to the code) and I figure I might as well port that project into Go.

Go Port Scanner

The code is simple it basically kicks off a shell prompt asking for a host, then a starting port and an ending port.  It then iterates over the port range, trying each port in turn.

Here’s the code (link):

[pastacode lang=”c” user=”continuousqa” repos=”GoBannerNabber” path_id=”bannerNabber.go” revision=”” highlight=”” lines=”” provider=”github”/]


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