Code Exercise

The point of this exercise, was to pass in a string and remove all vowels (except for Y.)

My solution

Similar to the palindrome code, I created an empty list called con_list.  Then I use a for loop to check if a value is passed in.  For all vowels (except Y) I basically do nothing.  Then outside that if, I have an else that appends each remaining car (not caught in the if) to the con_list. Then I use the “”.join(con_list) to construct a string out of the list.

def anti_vowel(text):
    con_list = []
    for s in text:
        if s == "a" or s == "A" or s == "e" or s == "E"\
        or s == "I" or s == "i" or s == "O" or s == "o"\
        or s == "U" or s == "u":
            print("ignoring char")
    con_list_cat = "".join(con_list)
anti_vowel("Hey You!")

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