I wrote a ruby/rails application to validate a palindrome.  Here’s the published palindrome app on Heroku:

I came up with the code in my head on the way home from work.  I came across the method .reverse in rails.  This makes checking for a palindrome pretty easy in rails.

After I came home from work I sat down, and ran IRB then input this code:
x = “racecar”
if x == x.reverse
puts “this is a palindrome”
else “this is not a palindrome”

It worked.  So now I just needed to put this into a published Rails application. 

I created a Rails project
Generated a Controller and a some views

in the Index view I put this code on the page:
<%=form_tag(:action =>‘results’) do %>

<%=text_field_tag(:word)  %>
<%= submit_tag("Submit") %>
<% end %>

Then in the controller I put this code:
  def results
    @word = params[:word]
    if @word == @word.reverse
      @palindrome = “This is a palindrome”
      @palindrome = “This is NOT a palindrome”

Finally on the results page:
<%= @palindrome %>

So basically that simple line of code, is used to verify that a word input into the form is a palindrome or not and the results are put to a results page.


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