Sony Hell: PS4 Account Compromised

My Sony account was compromised, and dealing with Sony Customer Service was beyond bad.

Account Compromised

It all started on 3/10/19 when I got an email from Sony stating my account had been transferred to a different email address. The email didn’t even look legit as my name was all lower case:

I reached out to playstation support and talked with someone over web chat. They confirmed that my account had changed to a different owner.

But they wouldn’t tell me who it changed to… not even their email address.

Even though I could prove who I was, they didn’t have the authority to tell me who took ownership. They simply reset my account back to me. I found the first aspect odd, and the second too easy.

At this point I thought I was done.

Can’t Re-Activate my Account

My son logs in today and noticed that all the games I bought with the main account aren’t playable on his account (they’re locked.)

Looking into it, it appears that my main account on the PS4 needs to be Activated. On the PS4 I go to:

Account Settings > Manage Account

I attempt to re-establish ownership of my PS4.

Sadly, I get a message saying that I can’t do this. It says that, my “Account is linked to ANOTHER PS4.”

I only own 1 PS4 – so I’m assuming this is a byproduct of the account being compromised.

Logging onto the Playstation Website, I try to deactivate the PS4 listed on my account. While it shows me a PS4 linked, it doesn’t give any pertinent info like (last IP associated with it, etc.)

From the web I attempt to deactivate it, but instead it gives me the instructions for what I just did on the PS4 console! You can’t deactivate via web.

Blocked with deactivation, I try and activate the PS4 via the web… and I see this note:

I Can’t Activate. I Can’t Deactivate.

At this point I reach out to support…. as my console is unusable.

Customer Support

I explain this in chat with a Playstation Customer Support person. They also can’t deactivate other consoles on the account. They tell me the only way to handle this (at this point) is for me to fill in a request for a manual deactivation of all consoles associated with this account.

I get an email from support with a link to do the above. But when I read up on it, I’m concerned… it can be interpreted as saying that I’ll loose my content. Unclear, and concerned about this, I reach out to phone support…. WHICH IS CLOSED on Saturday.

Opening up a new chat session I try clarify this with a customer support rep….

Sony blocks me from using Customer Service!!!

But I’m blocked from chatting with customer service. I get this message:

Basically, it’s a big “F.U.” I can’t use phone support because it’s not available today. I can’t use Chat, because I’m I just talked with support via chat.


At this point I filled out the form with the sketchy and vague wording on what will be reset and what will be lost… it says it takes 24 Hours for someone to review and commit to it – and it reminds me, I’m only allowed to do this once every 6 months!!

So I used my one in 6 month option to resolve this, when this appears to be a gap in Sony in helping me take control of a console in my physical possession.

I’ll update with any resolutions I get.

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