Tableau Public has a bug that pissed me off a few times and then I found the fix.  If it happens to you, here’s the simple thing you just need to do without losing any of your work.

If you connect Tableau Public to your public account, in time it will time out and lose your connection information.  The software doesn’t have a mechanism to re-establish it on its own.

When you click save, you might get this dreaded response:

If you close the window, you’ll lose your changes. There is a way to refresh the connection without having to lose any changes though.

I noticed at the bottom of Tableau Public, an icon showing I was logged in and my name was next to it. I hadn’t noticed it before.  It’s at the bottom of the screen.  Locate your name, next to an icon of a person.

Click the Down Arrow and a popup allowing you to sign out will appear:

After you sign out, click the save option again.  Now you’ll get the typical Tableau Public login window.  Sign back in and it will save correctly.

I had looked for an answer to this problem as it got the better of me a few times.  Oddly, I found no other reference to it.  Then I noticed that little login indicator, logged out via it and saved again and it worked.

Maybe this will help someone else in the same situation.

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