My Projects

My Projects The following are a collection of my github repos, web applications, and tools. Github Repos Public Applications – a prototype tool written in Angular 2 and Firebase to poll data tracked by Fitbit wearables to show a user’s heart rate in near real time (delayed 5min.) Continue Reading

Heart Rate Tracking

The Goal I’ve always wanted a monitor of bio data… specifically data related to heart rate and GSR (Galvanic Skin Response) and if possible EEG data as well. I’d love to have some giant monitor set up with streaming data on a variety of subjects.  For now… baby steps. Tracking Continue Reading

Form Fuzzing with Python

Another module in the Python standard library, is that of Mechanize.  Mechanize is a Python headless browser.  With Mechanize you can interact with web applications.  This could allow for headless verification of functionality (QA) or could be used in Penetration Testing. Proof of Concept with Python Mechanize In the following Continue Reading

Node: Inheritance

Using the events and util classes in the core Node library, we can define inheritance: var Events = require(‘events’); var util = require(‘util’); function hello() { this.greeting = “Hi!”; } util.inherits(hello, Events);