This was pretty frustrating.  Considering how often Grails is updated, you would think Intellij would make this process easy.  I found the process to be pretty buggy.  In the future, it would make more sense for me to use gvm and reference the current grails sdk and manage it via gvm.

Either way here’s the problem I had with Intellij:

So I had this project on Grails 2.3.4.  I want to use the grails version 2.3.7 now.  I installed this with gvm, which put my grails 2.3.7 in /Users/bwarner/.gvm/grails/2.3.7

In Intellij I opened the project and wen to the “project structure.”  There I went to the global libraries.  Since my previous global library is listed there, it seemed logical that this was the location to add the new version… so I clicked the + sign and pointed to the grails 2.3.7 version… but I got this message “Intellij doesn’t know what to import…” I picked what it should import in the prompt, but it didn’t import anything useful!

Work Around

to get Intellij to successfully import a newer Grails version, I did this:

1. In Intellij, click File / New Project

2. In the New Project window, on the Grails Library line, click “Create”

3. Now point to your new Grails Library

4. Finish making the new project (which you’ll delete later…)

This has now given Intellij access to the newer Grails version library.

5.  Now open your original project you want to upgrade the Grails version on

6. Click File / Project Structure

7. Click the modules section (on the left)

8. On the right click the Dependancies tab

9. Click the + on the dependancies and choose the new grails version.

Without creating a new project with the latest Grails library, I couldn’t get Intellij to pull in the new library.


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